Directa Plus Offers G+ Resources In Italy’s Covid19 Battle

Directa Plus, an Italian graphene company with great resources, is offering its G+ technology to authorities in the Italy Covid19 battle.

CEO and Founder Giulio Cesareo made the following post while self-quarantined at home as his native country is ravaged by Covid-19.

“Directa Plus is carrying on core business operations when all non-essential Italian industrial activities have been shut down. We are strongly committed to actively support the Italian authorities in their struggle to combat the Covid-19 emergency by making available all our technologies. G+® non-toxic and bacteriostatic properties developed for textiles could be used in the production of medical devices such as masks, gloves, and gowns to ensure better prevention properties for the spread of the virus.”

“We are working hard to make it happen. Medical equipment enhanced by G+® could mean a safer working environment for the health of workers and of all citizens. In the health industry graphene is well known for antibacterial and filtering properties and we will continue to develop protective devices using our graphene to benefit our fellow citizens during this emergency.”

Directa Plus is a Leadership Partner of the National Graphene2D Association and Giulio Cesareo serves on the NGA2D Advisory Board.


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