Inside the Industry: Dr. James M. Tour

Here at NGA2D, we usually focus on what the graphene industry is doing rather than what comes out of academia.

However, in some cases, there are developments at the academic level that are too impressive to pass up discussing. This is particularly true for such developments that have both a worldly view and the ability to disrupt and further the industry itself.

I recently caught up with James Tour, a Professor at Rice University, who’s is well-known for his unique graphene research, ranging from repairing spinal cords to graphene on toast, as well as for developing new graphene production methods — including flash graphene and laser induced graphene (LIG) — that have the potential to change how graphene is made commercially.

If you’d like an insight into the world of James Tour and how his work could offer a way of creating larger volumes of graphene while reducing its cost, then you need to check out our latest Inside the Industry Video .