Graphenest Graphene-Based Solutions Seeks To Get Best of 2D Carbon For Clients

Graphenest graphene-based solutions for advanced composites, functional coatings and inks, based on a proprietary, uses economical and environmentally friendly manufacturing technology. Our team’s expertise consists of the formulation and functionalization of graphene-based materials while focusing on a reliable incorporation of our solutions into our partners’ products and manufacture processes.

Besides commercializing graphene (dubbed by many as “wonder material” due to its versatile properties), we currently have two other products on the market: HexaShield™ (a paintable ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding coating system) and HexaMatrix™ (an epoxy resin for fiber-reinforced composites). Additionally, we have other formulations/products currently being developed, such as graphene-based coatings for improving heat transfer/dissipation, electroluminescent coatings and inks for printable flexible electronics. Read more here.

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