Graphene Coated Personal Protection Equipment Provides Long Lasting Antibacterial Finish

Haydale Graphene Industries has partnered with IRPC in developing organic and conducting-based printing smart fabric for medical use. A functional graphene-coated fabric has been tested by the Thailand Textile Institute. The results show that even after 10 washes, the material  still had 99.3 percent antibacterial finish. With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic still at hand, this breakthrough would make masks and other medical equipment longer lasting and more helpful in preventing the spread. This would lower costs across the medical realm.

The advanced materials group noted that the agreement with IRPC includes the development of a new washable functionalized graphene-enhanced fabric mask, while the scope of the project will be to focus on the commercial production of fabric, though further development will take place to assess additional fabric properties such as Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE), UV Protection and EMC protection.

National Graphene2D Association Communications Director, Mark H. Stowers, noted this use of graphene shows the nanotechnologies’ importance.

“With more and more medical equipment constantly needed around the world, this graphene-based breakthrough helps protect both medical professionals and individuals for a longer amount of time,” Stowers said. “The equipment is then used more with less waste creating more efficiency and lower costs for everyone in staying healthy.”

The global healthcare personal protective equipment (PPE) industry is worth between 17 and 19 billion dollars, according to Haydale Chief Executive Keith Broadbent

“With huge growth seen in the personal healthcare industry, where the graphene-coated fabric taps in. Haydale’s bespoke ink will be delivered on an exclusive basis for commercial applications and the companies believe the new fabric will be commercially available this year.

Working with IRPC we are able to quickly react to a current industry requirement,” Broadbent said.

“It is great to see that these products are benefiting from our core functionalization process; particularly the antibacterial nature of the inks and the part they can play in the production of healthcare PPE. With the global PPE requirements continuing to grow, we anticipate this project to be very well received and look forward to seeing this progress to commercialization.”


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