Graphene advances gives a view of an exciting graphene future

Graphene Detail Spray is an amazing and simple demonstration of the power of graphene.

The graphene future seems to be limitless but the future is hard to see when you can’t see microscopic graphene.

“Adams Detail Spray is the first consumer product I have personally used that gives a clear sense of the value-added enrichment that graphene can provide,” said Dr. Ed Meek, Founder, and CEO of the National Graphene Association.

“You can’t see graphene which is one atom thick, but you can see the result in an iron-clad coating when this product is lightly applied to a freshly waxed car.

“I lightly misted my car as described, and the result is an iron-like coating so brilliant and slick it is amazing. I used graphene spray inside and out on all materials from metal, to plastic and glass,” said Dr. Ed Meek, CEO, and Founder of the National Graphene Association.

“My observation is not intended as a promotion for this product but rather to put in perspective the reality of a graphene future that will enrich current products and enable the creation of entirely new products and technologies,” he added.

“The pace of development of graphene is finally moving rapidly. Last week, scientists at the University of Arkansas announced the development of a microchip that produces its own limitless clean energy.

“This is a game-changer with implications beyond our imagination,” Dr. Meek added.

“America is a decade behind other developed nations, especially China, in embracing this technology. My hope is our leadership in the Congress will recognize and aggressively support the development of graphene. Graphene will impact every aspect of our lives and this is one leadership race America must-win,” he said.