G-6 Materials Expands The Reach Graphene Into New Markets

G6 Materials has developed a solution for air purification products that are designed to mitigate the threat of virus infection in confined spaces such as offices and industrial warehouses. There is substantial scientific evidence of antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness of graphene coatings. The Company has found a unique method to incorporate graphene in the air filtration systems making them more efficient in killing germs. G-6 is currently conducting internal testing, and will subsequently apply for appropriate accreditations.

The applications of this solution are numerous. Such systems can be included in existing HVAC systems or included in the design of new ones. They can be combined with conventional filtration methods as well as UV irradiation. Any large scale structures, including office buildings and factories, could all be the benefactor of this system.

Stolyarov continues, “Economies all around the world are experiencing unprecedented disruption due to the COVID-19 situation, leaving a long-lasting impact. We hope that the quarantine measures prove effective in stemming the spread of the virus, but quarantines cannot last forever. When people return to work they will demand that their work environment is safe. We provide a solution to this problem”.

The Company will continue testing of the prototypes and is actively looking for an industrial partner to rapidly expand the manufacturing capability and bring these highly demanded products to market.

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