Jacob and Anissa Cox Envision A Graphene-Enhanced Foot Powered Generator That Could Light Up Big Box Stores, Cities And Personal Devices

Visit with 32-year-old Jacob Cox, owner-operator and lead chemist at Green Graphene LLC, and you will likely become green with envy. Jacob and his wife Anissa envision a graphene-enhanced foot powered generator that could light up big box stores, cities and personal devices Рa significant source of power from their graphene-enhanced triboelectric foot-traffic energy harvesting systems.

“We are currently constructing a graphene-enhanced energy harvesting footpath to provide energy to small businesses, box stores, and all the way up to cities! We will be selling graphene-enhanced triboelectric nano-generators that fit in your shoe to charge your electronics via USB,” Jacob said.

Military Applications

One early market, Jacob sees, is in the military where foot-traffic could be used to power personal electronic devices. Jacob and Anissa lived in Washington, D.C., but moved to Lexington, VA. He is the lead chemist at Green Graphene LLC because the only other employee is Anissa.

If you find the idea of foot traffic generated power a bit unusual, even perhaps strange, just take a hike.

Green Graphene is talking to the military about foot-traffic energy harvesting systems. Green Graphene is a small operation, but with a very big reach. The company is a certified vendor for the Department of Defense (DOD) and National Space Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is a partner working with Graphene Flagship in Europe.

Two Plank Generator

“Basically the generators are two sandwiched individual planks that have the opposing triboelectric charge materials attached to them facing each other. The individual planks are to allow better levitation by magnets which in turn gives a no wear bounce back. The generators are connected via metal film to act as one unit. The metal film connecting the bottom units conducts the stored electricity to the desired output and the metal film connecting the top units completes the circuit to allow flow”, Jacob said explaining how the propriety system works.

Why Green Graphene for a company name? The triboelectric foot-traffic energy harvesting system use recyclable/renewable materials.

“The reason we’re green is we use environmentally-friendly methods and chemicals to produce graphene. For example, potassium ion intercalation of graphite then shearing to separate the layers and for the production of graphene oxide. Our common production method is bottom-up synthesis by using common carbohydrates, as well as emphasizing graphene products that are beneficial to the environment. Our insulation can increase heating and cooling efficiency in addition to our graphene-enhanced energy harvesting system,” Jacob said.

The website of Green Graphene adds “our system can be readily hooked into your existing charge controller to aid in power supply. By using the foot traffic of both customers (paying or those who just use the restroom) and the employees in a six-hour period our system will produce a sum of 126 kilovolts from one square meter of the system,” Jacob explains.
The two-member staff team has been in business 5 years.¬† “I usually use independent contractors but it’s mainly my wife and myself. My customer base is mainly researchers,” Jacob said.


No Pictures, Please

Graphene2D asked for pictures of the foot driven generator but Jacob would not give us even a peak.

“Due to proprietary information of our setup and the sensitivity of our current generator system that will be available in the late summer of this year I sadly can’t give pictures of these.

So how many two-person companies in graphene have certified DOD and NASA vendor agreements, escaped the hectic life of Washington, D.C. for the pastoral good life of Lexington, Virginia?

None is our guess.

And we suspect others in the graphene industry will be a little green with envy at the success this young couple is having.

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