Dr. Buddhik Jaysena Wins First Place In Global Composites Competition

Atlanta researcher Dr. Buddhik Jaysena, Director of Fablanka Foundation, won first place at the Global Graphene Composites Design Competition sponsored by TLC Graphene.

The formal announcement of the $100,000 annual competition series was made at the National Graphene2D Association (NGA2D Graphene Summit in Washington D. C. last May.  The final competition was held and awards presented at the NGA2D Innovation and Research Conference.

The award was presented by Charles Chang, founder and CEO of New Jersey-based TLC Graphene. The winning presentation by Dr. Jaysena was “Graphene Applications In Acoustic-Stirling Prime Movers and Heat Pumps”.

TLC Graphene is based in New Jersey, and takes pride in being an American company, with its G-PMC product made in America. TLC supplies bulk graphene polymer matrix composites to a number of industries, with a focus on Aerospace and the Military.

The National Graphene2d Association is the lead organization promoting the commercialization of graphene, 2D and like materials.  Mr. Chang is a member of the Advisory Board and TLC Graphene is an NGA2D Leadership Company.

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