Directa Plus Develops Prototype Graphene Protective Mask

Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo says he is proud that Directa Plus is leveraging its assets to engage int he COVID-19 Fight.

“I’m proud to present our first prototype of a protective mask enhanced with G+® Graphene. Not ready for the market yet, just a first significant step forward,” Giulio said on a LinkedIn post.

Directa Plus corporate headquarters is in Italy, one of the nations most devastated by the virus.

“In Directa Plus #graphene we are “burning the midnight oil” to be ready asap with a new advanced full certified graphene mask for the back to work scenario after COVID-19 emergency.

“The final goal is to safeguard our citizens during the after quarantine phase, allowing everybody to restart social contacts in safety.  We are offering to all our textile partners the possibility to treat membranes, natural or synthetic fabrics with three different G+® graphene industrial technologies.

The objective is to make new products leveraging on Directa’s industrial experience in the last five years applying our graphene to garments.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, Directa has been willing to share its knowledge with textile partners and is still willing to meet new partners.

We firmly believe that only through the concept “with everybody for everybody” we will win the battle against COVID-19, Cesareo said.

Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus offers reources for Italy Covid-19 Battle

“If you are interested in joining our project as a textile or a protective devices producer, please contact us at

If you know someone that could be interested in supporting our effort, feel free to share my message,” he said