Directa Plus Paves the Way to Graphene-enhanced Asphalt across Europe and USA

Directa Plus, a Italian producer and supplier of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, has announced an agreement with partner Iterchimica, an Italian based world leader in products that enhance asphalt performance, for the supply of a special grade of the Company’s G+ graphene product, known as ITC1.

The G+ product is the differentiating component of Gipave®, an asphalt supermodifier developed by Directa Plus and Iterchimica and follows successful trials in Italy and the UK.

Giulio Cesareo, Founder and CEO of Directa Plus

“The Agreement provides for the exclusive supply of the G+ graphene product to Iterchimica in the asphalt and bitumen sector worldwide and is for an initial duration of three years. The Agreement allows the partners to take advantage of what they believe are significant existing business opportunities in Italy, the UK and the United States. The first order for the G+ ITC1 nanoplatelets for asphalt for the production of Gipave® has now been received from Iterchimica. Results from the UK trials in November 2019 are expected shortly and we are seeing growing interest from asphalt companies in the UK but also now from the USA,” according to Direta Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo.

Gipave® was developed by Iterchimica with the support of Directa Plus and resulted from a four year research programm with a patent filed in 2017. In an initial trial in Italy, it was confirmed as providing significant benefits compared to traditional asphalt in all areas tested: service life, resistance to the passage of vehicles, resistance to deformation and permanent plastic deformation. In addition, once laid, asphalt with Gipave® can be 100 per cent recycled, which reduces the extraction of new materials from quarries and first-use bitumen.

“The potential of Gipave® to potentially triple the life of roads and runways is attracting significant worldwide interest from the construction industry. Its ecological benefits will also help countries to meet their carbon reduction obligations and free up resources at a time when all national and regional governments need financial assistance to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic,” Cesareo said.

Federica Giannattasio, Iterchimica CEO, added: “This agreement confirms and continues a cooperation we started four years ago. We now hope to work together on the large-scale roll-out of Gipave® and following the first trial section laid in Oxfordshire, we hope the UK will be among the leaders in adopting graphene technology for road pavements.”

Directa Plus is a Leadership Partner of the National Graphene2D Association and Mr. Cesareo serves on its Advisory Board.