2D Fab Offers High-Quality Cost-Efficient Graphene Produced Through An Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Process

Sweden’s 2D Fab is a large-scale manufacturer of green graphene and they are serious about the green.

“We developed an energy-efficient production process that is based on hydromechanical exfoliation of graphite. Our products are free from solvents and we use natural graphite to produce our graphene products,” said Dr. Britta Andres who is in Product Development with a focus on battery technology.

“It is also very important to us to produce graphene in the most sustainable way possible, so we choose our graphite suppliers carefully, ” she added.

Founded in 2013, the company name stands for two-dimensional and ‘fab’ stands for fabrication.

“With our name 2D fab we want to express that we are producing two-dimensional materials. Today we are producing high-quality graphene products, but we can also produce other two-dimensional materials with our innovative process. We developed a scalable cost-efficient process that can be adapted to our customer’s needs,” Dr. Andres said.

The company’s website states “2D fab offers the world’s most cost-efficient high-quality graphene products. We continuously improve the quality of our graphene and are now able to provide graphene masterbatches for polycarbonate compounding.

“Our masterbatches have shown a 30–50% increase in stiffness with concentrations as low as 0.5–1.5wt% graphene, enabling the construction of stronger products and more lightweight redesigns. Our graphite exfoliation process is sustainable, water-based and free from environmentally harmful chemicals. It results in a high-quality graphene platelet mixture that match the desired end product characteristics, at the best market price.”

Dr. Andres said 2D Fab’s largest market segments are within polymer composites and energy storage. The company has customers in Sweden and other European countries. She envisions significant growth of the graphene market.

“The graphene market is projected to grow at a rate of 40% to 45% annually during the next five to ten years. There is a wide range of applications for graphene and new inventions are constantly creating new markets. Today the electronics, automotive and chemical industries are holding the large market shares and will continue to grow during the next ten years.” Dr. Andres said.