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The National Graphene2D Association (NGA2D) is the leading organization in the U.S. advocating and promoting the commercialization of graphene and graphene-like materials. Graphene2D is focused on addressing critical issues such as policy and standards development which impact effective integration of graphene and graphene-like materials globally.

NGA2D News

NGA2D REPORT: SpaceBlue set to launch the SpaceMat

NGA2D reporter Liam Critchley speaks with Vivek Koncherry, CEO of SpaceBlue, to discuss the launch of a new graphene product — the SpaceMat.

NGA2D SPOTLIGHT: TLC Products interview with Charles Chang

Interview with Charles Chang of TLC Products recently on the U.S. graphene-polymer composite manufacturer and some of the possible uses.

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Graphene2D Industry Updates

NGA2D REPORT: Discussing graphene in polymer resin composites with Chang

Liam Critchley sits down with Charles Chang from TLC Products to discuss the current issues with polymer resin composites, and how they can be overcome by using graphene.

NGA2D SPOTLIGHT: Grolltex’s Draa on developments in graphene

California-based graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) manufacturer, Grolltex's Jeff Draa, the CEO of Grolltex answers NGA2D questions.

Global Graphene using graphene to shorten road construction time

Global Graphene is showing graphene in asphalt makes it more sustainable, meaning there is more time between those construction phases on the road.