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J. Patrick Frantz Envisions A Great Future For planarTECH And Graphene In Developing Global Markets

J. Patrick Frantz took out a $50,000 loan from his father and launched planarTECH, a global business with operations in 65 countries. planarTECH is a global leader in providing process and analytical equipment for 2D material synthesis. "There were three co-founders. Young “Danny” Jung, is based in Korea and was critical in the early days in helping to establish and manage a solid relationship with our factory. He is unfortunately no longer with the company but is still a shareholder," said Frantz. "The other, Yu-Heng “Jaret” Lee is a fellow Rice alum and a former student of mine. He’s been with...

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New Age Graphene Batteries Are Here!

Smartphone battery technology is pretty good these days. But if there’s one thing gadget lovers will never be able to get enough of it’s...

Director Plus Develops Prototype Graphene Protective Mask

Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo says he is proud that Directa Plus is leveraging its assets to engage int he COVID-19 Fight. "I’m proud to...

G-6 Materials Expands The Reach Graphene Into New Markets

G6 Materials has developed a solution for air purification products that are designed to mitigate the threat of virus infection in confined spaces such...